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Safety Topic / Subject
136 Biopsy Needles, Markers, and Devices
0 FlexTip Plus Epidural Catheter and the StimuCath Continuous Peripheral Nerve Block Catheter
1 Metallic Orbital Foreign Bodies and Screening
1 Spinal Cord Stimulation Systems: St. Jude Medical
0 Infection Control in the MRI Environment*
1 Epidural Pump, AmbIT Epidural Pump
1 Palatal System Implant Assembly
1 Dressings Containing Silver and MRI Procedures: Aquacel AG
1 Cardiac Pacemaker: Ensura DR MRI SureScan Pacing System, Medtronic, Inc.
2 Neurostimulation System: Libra Deep Brain Stimulation System, Neurostimulation System, St. Jude Medical/Abbott
1 EmpowerMR Contrast Injection System
0 Spatial Gradient Magnetic Field: How This Information Is Applied to Labeling of Medical Implants and Devices
0 Medtronic Letter, Neuromodulation Devices, Mr. Steve Manker, Program Director - MR Conditional Systems
1 Revo MRI SureScan Pacing System, RVDRO1, Revo MRI SureScan, RVDR01,
CapSureFix MRI SureScan, 5086MRI, Medtronic, Inc.
1 Cardiac Pacemakers: Accent MRI and Accent ST MRI Cardiac Pacemaker Systems, St. Jude Medical
0 Monitoring Body Temperature During MRI
1 Cardiac Pacemakers: ProMRI Pacing System
0 Modes of Operation for MR Systems
1 St. Jude Medical (SJM) Confirm, Implantable Cardiac Monitor (OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES)
2 PROMETRA Programmable Pumps (Two Versions), Flowonix Medical Inc,

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