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Safety Topic / Subject
0 MRI Contrast Agents and Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis (NSF)*
6 Foley Catheter with Temperature Sensor, Bardex Latex-Free Temperature-Sensing 400-Series Foley Catheter
18 Insulin Pumps
4 Celsius Control System
0 Scleral Buckle (Scleral Buckling Procedure)
1 Baha, Bone Conduction Implant
2 InSound XT Series and Lyric Hearing Device
0 MRI Contrast Agents and NSF: Websites and Links to Obtain Current Information
1 Actipatch
0 MRI Contrast Agents and Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis (NSF): Review Article
46 Pessary/Pessaries
1 EnRhythm MRI SureScan Pacing System, Medtronic, Inc.
0 Dressings Containing Silver and MRI
1 SJM Confirm, Implantable Cardiac Monitor, Models DM2100, DM2102, Implantable Cardiac Monitor (St. Jude Medical
14 Ambulatory Infusion Systems
0 MRI Considerations for Patients with Temporary Epicardial Pacing Leads, Temporary Intracardiac Pacing Leads, Permanent Intracardiac Pacing Leads, and Permanent Epicardial Pacing Leads
4 Reveal DX 9528 and Reveal XT 9529, Insertable Cardiac Monitors, Medtronic, Inc.
1 ActiFlo Indwelling Bowel Catheter System
1 Medivance Nasogastric Sump Tube with YSI Series 400 Temperature Sensor (Medivance, Inc.)
0 Bioeffects of Static Magnetic Fields

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