Dressings Containing Silver and MRI Procedures: Mepilex Ag and Mepilex Border AG

Two different antimicrobial, silver-containing wound dressings Mepilex Ag and Mepilex Border AG (Molnlycke Health Care AB, Goteborg, Sweden) have undergone MRI testing at 3-Tesla that included evaluations of magnetic field interactions, heating, and artifacts. Additionally, conductivity (i.e., electrical resistance) measurements were performed on these dressings. There were no magnetic field interactions displayed by these dressings. In each case, MRI-related heating effects were at the same levels as the background temperature rises. The dressings did not create noticeable artifacts on the MR images. With regard to the conductivity assessments, the average resistance values were within acceptable limits.

Thus, these results demonstrated that these specific silver-containing wound dressings will not pose hazards or risks to patients and, thus, are considered “MR safe” according to the current labeling terminology used for medical products. Importantly, each dressing may be left in place when a patient undergoes an MRI examination.


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