How to Search The List


After clicking “The List” menu choice on, you are presented with an upper screen portion that appears similar to this:




You can fill in any parameters you wish to include in your search, and click on the green “Click Here to Search” button to execute your search.  A listing of appropriate records will then display in the lower portion of the screen.  You can modify your search at any time by simply entering new parameters and clicking the green Search button again.


Descriptions of each screen area above are as follows:


Keywords and/or Object Name and/or Manufacturer Name:  Here you type one or more words related to the subject (or Object name or Manufacturer name) to help narrow your search. 


The “Select” drop down list in this section tells the system whether you want to find records that contain ALL of the words you type, or to finds records that have ANY of the words you entered.  For example: if you want to list the records that have BOTH of the words “bullet” AND “nickel” in them – then you would select AND in the drop down.  To list records having EITHER “bullet” OR “nickel” in them, then you would select “ANY” from the drop down.


By default, the system will retrieve records that contain ALL of the words you type.  If that is what you want, then you don’t need to pick anything from the “Select” drop box.


Result Status:  You can click on one or more of these check boxes indicating the Result Status types you want included in your search. 


Object Category:  This is a drop down list of object types.  You can choose one type, or category, that you want to be included in your search.


Clear Search Fields:  Clicking on this link will clear any and all parameters in your search.  This is just a quick method to reset to a clean “search slate”.


“Click Here for the Info and Terminology…”:   Clicking this link will open a new tab in your browser displaying a page which explains all terminology and information related to information contained in the records returned by your search.   


Records:  This is the number of records the system found meeting your search criteria.


“Click Here for Search HELP”:  Clicking on this link will bring you to this help page!


“Per Page” drop down:  You can select how many records you want to display per page.  If you have a fast internet connection, you may want to select a larger number.


First Prev    Next Last:  Clicking “First” takes you to the first record in your results, and clicking “Last” takes you to the last record in your results.  You can also go to the Next page of results, or the Previous one.


The list of numbers indicate the number of “pages” in your results.  You can click on a page number to get closer to your desired information more quickly.  For example, if your search returns 300 records, spread across 10 pages, and you feel the record you are looking for is near the middle of the list, then you can click on the number 5 to get in the middle more quickly.